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Welcome to Bruce Gould's Commodity Futures Trading website.

The Money-Machine Version 2:

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There is a time in each commodity investor's life when he or she is faced with the moment of truth.  "Do I
continue to invest in commodities, or do I let all the money I have put into the markets go down the drain forever?"

When faced with this difficult decision, you have to ask yourself, "
Do I really have a method of trading which can
earn large sums of money in the futures markets
or am I just fooling myself investing in commodities hit and
miss by the seat of my pants with no real program for making money?"

As one who has traded in the futures markets for 41 years, I would like to make this recommendation to you,

  1. Either get yourself a "Money Machine",
  2. Or, call it quits!

This is cruel advice, but it is true. Without a "Money Machine", your commodity trading career will be a series of
hits and misses, frustrations and personal anxiety.  Unless you have a "Money Machine", I would recommend
that you forget the money you have lost in futures and quit trading forever.  To earn profits from your futures
trading you need to have a "Money Machine".  If you do not yet have one, this may explain the losses you have
suffered from your trading.

I discovered a commodity trading "Money Machine" years ago and if you have not yet developed your own, let me
tell you about the one I discovered.

  • The "Money Machine" I discovered requires only a small amount of time to operate.  It requires no
    computer or complicated mathematics.  It is a simple method which
    takes only 5 minutes per day per
    commodity to calculate
    .  If you are trading up to 6 commodities, the total time required should be no
    more than 30 minutes, most likely not even that much.
  • The "Money Machine" I discovered is the most successful method of trading that I used in the 41 years
    that I have been trading futures contracts.  
    No method ever worked better for me than the "Money
    Machine" trading method.

If you have not yet developed your own "Money Machine" method for making profits in the commodity markets
then you are probably at a major investment decision point or at a fork in the road where you will have to decide,

  1. Should you call it quits and forget about all the money you have lost to the commodity markets, or
  2. Should you develop your own "Money Machine" trading method which will allow you to continue with your
    investments, recover any past losses and set enough money aside to make your participation in futures

If you plan to develop your own "Money Machine", here is what I would suggest you do:

  1. Read everything you can find.
  2. Buy and test every trading system available.
  3. Spend hundreds of hours studying.

    Once you do this, you may be able to develop your own "Money Machine" trading method which may be
    successful in the markets and allow you to retire financially secure. As you proceed to develop your own
    trading program, keep these guidelines in mind:

  1. Your "Money Machine" should be able to earn large profits in less than a year.
  2. Your "Money Machine" should require no more than 30 minutes of your time daily.
  3. Your "Money Machine" should be easy to understand and apply.

There are only two paths you will follow in your futures trading. This is cruel advice, but it is true. Every futures
trader follows one road or the other:

  1. Commodity trading can be difficult and painful. Most traders follow this path. It is the road of losses with
    no hope of recovery from past mistakes.
    If you are on this path, then I recommend that you switch to
    path (B) as soon as possible
  2. Commodity trading can be fun, profitable and very rewarding. Those traders on this road make a lot of
    a lot of money, and they have fun doing it.

Which path are you on?
A successful "Money Machine" can be a very powerful tool for switching from path (A)
to path (B) and this switch can often be accomplished almost overnight.

In over 41  years of trading futures contracts, I have never used a more successful "Money Machine" than
the one I discovered many years ago. The beauty of the "Money Machine" that I discovered is this:

  1. It is precise and very easy to understand.
  2. It requires no more than 30 minutes of time daily.
  3. It applies to all commodities. Whichever commodity futures contracts you are investing in, you will
    receive "Money Machine" signals
    in those commodities.

I have been involved in futures trading for over 41 years.  Based on 41 years of experience, I can tell you that as
long as you shall invest in commodity futures or options you will take only two types of market positions:

  1. Those positions you entered based on a trading method.
  2. Those positions you entered based on "luck".

Whenever you take a futures position, your trade is either based on a trading method or based on "luck".  You
can make money from either type of trade, but it is much more difficult to make money consistently using "luck"
as your trading method.  When it comes to luck, you generally don't make money you lose money and that is why
most commodity futures traders lose.

I have decided that I will make available the most successful commodity trading method that I have ever used
during the forty one years that I have been trading in commodity futures.  This trading method is called the
"Money Machine".  
It is the very best trading method of my 41 year commodity trading career.

If you are interested in futures and options, I strongly recommend my "Money Machine" trading method to you.

If you are not making enough money from your commodity trading, I strongly recommend my "Money Machine"
trading method to you.

If you are interested in futures and find yourself at a "fork in the road", I strongly recommend my "Money Machine"
trading method to you.  It is the very best trading method of my 41 year commodity trading career.
The very best.

Click here to order your copy of the Money-Machine Version 2!

Yours truly,

Bruce Gould

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