How Can You Trade Futures Properly?

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Commodities trading is interesting for many people. It is not only the folks who want to be able to let go of their nine-to-five job that make investments in precious metals, stocks, livestock, and crops, after all. Some merely love watching the market prices rise and fall and predicting what happens with their values next.

Despite the entertain that a few investors get out of it, though, the amount of money they use to buy and sell commodities is no joke. The cost of capitalizing on one can range from 100 to 100,000 dollars, depending on how much clamor there is for a particular type of product. Hence, a lot of them want to invest in commodities that are tradeable no matter what to avoid losing too much.


In case you have not heard of it before, you should know that you do not always have to stick with the conventional process of buying and selling commodities. You can enter a futures contract with a company of your choice to ensure that you have someone to trade with at the right time.

Here are some suggestions on how to do that properly.

  1. Learn How Futures Contracts Work

The wise first step you may take is to know how agreements involving futures work. You don’t want to sign any contract where you will at the losing end. Consequently, it is not ideal to never be able to sell your goods because of being too choosy.

To understand it better, you should think of a conversation between the heads of an airline and an oil company. The former needs gas for their aircraft vessels to fly, and they wish to purchase the source of energy at the same price as now four months later. If the latter says yes to it, they draw up a contract and meet again at the given date.

  1. Know The Dangers Of Entering Such An Agreement

Of course, there are negative sides to trading futures that you need to take note of as well. The biggest one may be the possibility of selling a commodity at a rate that is much lower than its current price. It almost ensures that you will lose more than you imagined.

Considering you are a buyer, you ought to contemplate whether the goods you agree to pay for in the future are sellable. Some first-time traders get trapped in this situation, you know. They find someone who retails diamonds at an incredibly “reasonable” rate, and they buy it, thinking they hit the jackpot. Unfortunately, this commodity is known as one of the non-tradeable items in the markets; that’s why investing in them when you don’t own a jewelry business is an absolute waste.

  1. Make A Game Plan

Talking to veteran investors will help you realize that many of them have managed to incur minimal losses over the years because they stick to a game plan that others before them have tried and tested. This strategy usually involves making use of a stop order, which details how much money you want to gain and are willing to lose. A typical ratio between risks and rewards that these folks follow is 1:2, in favor of the second.

When you are trading, after all, you cannot focus on the bright side alone. You have to face the reality that there’s a 50% chance of you losing some of your capital. All you can do is guarantee that it won’t be too much, to the point that you’ll need to declare bankruptcy.


In Conclusion

Trading futures may not be as straightforward as buying and selling commodities in the market. It necessitates you to pay a certain amount upfront, which you may or may not be able to take back due to the market prices. You also have to wait until the end of the contract to monetize your goods. The silver lining to focus on is that you can be confident that there is someone who will surely trade with you in the future.


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