Stock Trades De-Stressing: Laugh For A Better Mental Health

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We all know the basic saying “laughter is the best medicine” as taught in our early childhood schools. This quote, however, is not repeatedly taught by our teachers and guardians as we grow old. Don’t take it for granted because a simple laugh generates a wide range of benefits.

Laughter Reduces Stress And Tension

On the technical side, laughing releases this body’s “feel good” chemical called the endorphin. It is responsible for the brain and our whole being to feel significantly less tense even for a short period.


As they say, someone telling you jokes is like them tickling you. It instantly relieves tension and looking at it long-term, it can reduce the chances of getting depressed. Laughter is generally a form of happiness. Happiness, in turn, is another way for the nervous system to relax and ‘unclog’ itself.

Laughter Adds Joy To One’s Everyday Life

Diverting your mind to peaceful and stress-free things from stressful business and workloads is the secret to offer your brain the rest it needs. A hearty laugh helps your breathing stabilize to process things effectively than when you are stressed. Finding a reason to smile and laugh is a good exercise to train your brain and mental aspect that the whole universe is not always against you.


Finding a reason to laugh is not hard anyway. It’s not about going to comedy bars. It’s not about paying for people to get you to laugh. You can find reasons to laugh in books, the people around you, the pets you have, and even in the past funny situations you were in. All you have to do is let these thoughts in even for a quick second, and you’ll be amazed at the burst of laughter you will have.

Laughter Creates Friendships

When you are laughing, it is either someone is making you do so, or you also want to share this happiness with someone. When one is laughing, there is always this inherent urge to share the same to friends or new acquaintances. This then is a way to strengthen connections.


Cracking a joke in front of people will gain you friends right after. People will want and like you because sharing laughter makes one easy to get along with. Studies show that being a funny person makes you more trustworthy than the others.

Laughter Improves Your Physical Look

Laughing and smiling make a person’s face brighter and glowing than ever before. Laughing is an excellent exercise of the facial muscles, thus, unclogging that frown that the harsh world brings to you. It can not just shift your mental well-being, it can also transform you physically.

Besides, laughter boosts your mood. This surge of happiness creates a happy vibe around, making people comfortable around you as you radiate this vibe. It will make you more approachable, and people will like you better.

The best thing above all is it’s free for everybody! You won’t need to shell out any money nor add to your budgetary constraints because reasons for laughing exist everywhere. The secret is to take it easy and allow your mind to relax for a while. So if you have a free hour or so, do yourself a favor to read humor books, scroll memes, and watch comedy shows or sitcoms.

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