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Lesson 21: Mrs. B

There are two other features of Mrs. B's trading which should be of interest to you,

Number l. While Mrs. B is not real, the markets we will be looking at in the year 2001 will seem very real.

Number 2. While Mrs. B is not real, the risks she will be taking in stocks, bonds, commodity futures or options contracts are real. It is very easy to lose money trading in stocks, futures and options. If hypothetical Mrs. B buys crude oil at $25 a barrel and sells at $24 a barrel, Mrs. B will not actually suffer any loss but anyone who followed her trading and bought crude oil at $25 and sold crude oil at $24 in the real world would suffer a loss. Always remember this, that while Mrs. B is not real, the risks of loss she is taking are real to anyone who takes similar risks in the actual marketplace of stocks, bonds, and commodity futures or options contracts. If you understand this, click here to proceed.

Bruce Gould


Always remember that stock, options, and futures trading may involve substantial risks and that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.